Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Thankful for your Family/Friends/Neighbors or Coworkers" class!!!

This is everything that you get for this class:

*10 Mini Lunch Sacks decorated and ready to give!
*12 Cornucopia cones ready to put on your Thanksgiving plates!
*12 Candy Wrappers ready to fill with treats
*6 Sheets of 12 x 12 double sided "Autumn Spice" Designer Series Paper (That is what is left after we make the Cornucopias and Candy wrappers!)

The Cost is $20 and for all that you get... it is a STEAL of a DEAL!
The class is Saturday October 23rd 10-2. (Open House style! So come when you can! If you want to stay later, that's okay too!)

This is the Mini Lunch sack, (You get 10). You can decorate however you like! These will fit 2 of the Candy Wrappers inside if you want, or 1 Candy Wrapper and something else!
Cornucopias, (You get 12). These are just to fun! So many options with these! You could put treats in these and place them on your thanksgiving plates or put utensils in them on the side of your plates. Another option is to punch a hole in each side and thread string through them and hang them on a holiday decorating tree!!!
Candy Wrappers (You get 12). These are just too cute! You can put these in your Mini Lunch sacks if you like or you could put them randomly on your Thanksgiving table for a little fun decor.
Close up of the Candy Wrapper.

If you would like to take this class please get your money to me by Tuesday night (the 19Th), so I can order your supplies for you. I would hate for you to get left out!

If you can't make it Saturday, you can still buy a kit and take it and make it at home!

P.s- My amazing hubby has set up a Paypal account for me. So if it is easier for you to pay that way let me know. I will send you a link via email.

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