Friday, September 10, 2010

So impressed!

So I got my order two days ago and I opened the "Design a house" first thing! (I was so excited to play with it!) I realized that the one I had opened had 2 templates for the front of the house... but none for the back of the house and chimney. So just out of curiosity I opend the other 5 that I had bought to see if it was just a fluke thing... Well 3 out of the 5 had the same thing, 2 front templates no back template with chimney. I called customer service yesterday and they were sooooo nice! They asked what the problem was I told them and they are sending me 3 new houses free of charge! I hope that these have the back templates in them! I need them for my class! Oh! He told me that he was sending it US Postal service so I would probably not get it untill Monday... Well I got it today! They sent it PRIORITY MAIL! So needless to say... Stampin' Up is awesome and I love their customer service! I will post pics of the "Kid Friendly Haunted House" tomorrow!

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